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Construction Law

Skilled Nashville Construction Law Attorneys Put Knowledge to Work for You

Tennessee lawyers have real-world industry experience

People in the construction industry seek out the lawyers of Burrow & Cravens, P.C. for insight and advice not available from other firms. Attorney Tim Burrow’s experience in architecture and construction makes him a valuable resource for clients, as does Attorney Chris Cravens’ experience working with multiple Tennessee licensing boards. Our combined knowledge makes our Nashville, Tennessee firm a staunch advocate for litigating construction disputes.

Unique insight in cases involving architectural and engineering errors

Attorney Tim Burrow, who is a licensed architect, is uniquely positioned to handle all aspects of cases involving engineering and architectural mistakes. Whether you are an unsatisfied building owner who believes that such a mistake has disrupted your business or an architect, engineer or builder who has been accused of making a serious error, you can rely on us for powerful, practical guidance.

Protecting your interests in contract disputes

We have experience in all aspects of construction contracts, including emerging issues related to green construction. This gives our clients an advantage when negotiating contracts around design, supply and project management. Clients also seek us out for advice related to contract performance and to pursue contract litigation when necessary.

Strong representation in collections and payments disputes

Complex construction projects involve many parties, and payment disputes between among them are frequent. Disagreements may arise from incomplete and defective performance, construction delays, labor problems, contractual ambiguities, a party’s insolvency or multiple other grounds. Whether you are seeking payment for services rendered, need collection help, or are instead facing an accusation that you have failed to pay, reach out to Burrow & Cravens, P.C. to protect your rights.

Asserting and resisting mechanics’ lien claims

We represent contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and others seeking to enforce their rights under mechanics’ liens to secure payment for work performed or materials provided on a construction project. We also represent landowners and developers defending against such claims and preventing liens from becoming clouds on title that can be impediments to sale. In either case, we are fully familiar with Tennessee law on what a mechanic’s lien may cover and on the legal procedures for enforcement.

Obtaining and disputing insurance coverage

Multiple forms of insurance are required when dealing with any major construction effort. Among the common types of insurance needed are construction liability policies, builder’s risk policies, performance bonds, payment bonds, professional liability policies and hold-harmless agreements. From advising clients on obtaining the proper insurance to resolving coverage disputes through arbitration, mediation or litigation, our lawyers have the skill and resources to guide you on any topic related to construction insurance.

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Whether you’re looking for construction law advice before starting a project or need to resolve a contract dispute, Burrow & Cravens, P.C. in Nashville, Tennessee can help. Call us at 615-913-8016 or contact us online to schedule a consultation.